Software’s are applied in running businesses and providing solutions to daily problems. MEC provides tailor-made software solutions by matching the business needs backed by the most advanced technology, aimed at exceeding customer expectations.

We create and deploy unique solutions that reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve service delivery throughout the IT lifecycle. Our comprehensive solutions help you solve today’s challenges, while driving your business forward by providing insight and control across cloud, distributed and mainframe environments.

When building the CCTV Security System, Access Control, Telephone, etc. there is, need to have a solid and proper network infrastructure to run on the top of it.


Middle East Company MECUAE is specialized in designing and implementing a solid Structured Cabling System such as: CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7. This is called horizontal solutions, but we do not forget the vertical communication, so we also became experts in Copper and fibber working together to achieve connectivity. It has covered the majority of the fields such: Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Multi-storey building, etc.

MEC implemented different types of projects applying the FTTH solutions as per high standards and regulations for Etisalat & Du.

Brands Associated with Structural Cabling System:


  • TACHLOGIKS CANADA (Gold Partner)
  • 3M
  • R&M
  • Norden
  • Opterna
  • Optronics